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TiMartin Looking for Thoughts & Ideas. “Have just begun the interviewing phase of a national search for an executive level marketing position. As a Chief Marketing…”
DonovanLombardo Causes and Cures??? “Parkinson is a chronic nervous system’s disease usually occurred due to the progressive impairment or deterioration of neurons (nerve…”
Hyrum Anderton Take a visual tour of Parkinson's Connect! “Welcome to Parkinson's Connect. There are various reasons as to why you may have joined this community. But we all…”
RachelChavez Your Help is Needed, and Appreciated -… “Hello all! Andrea Funk with The Clinical and Patient Educators Association (a not-for-profit organization - has asked for our help…”
dge479 Big News about Our News Section! “Please check your message to new members... Thank you for joining Parkinson's Connect. We are a community of friends who…”

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